Thursday Thoughts


~Good morning! How is it already Thursday? And already December?? Geez. It’s been warm (okay well warm for Michigan) so it doesn’t even feel like it’s December here.  It’ll snow soon enough though and we all cannot wait!

~My LuLaRoe love continues and I scored what is basically my Christmas outfit (luckily we don’t have anything fancy going on). If you’ve scored holiday leggings, are you noticing that they are running smaller than their other ones? I *probably* should have gotten these in TC, but I will make do.
~Did anyone watch the season primer of Fixer Upper??  I am so glad Chip and JoJo are back on my tv!  Also I picked up Magnolia Story with that $10 Black Friday Amazon coupon code and am hoping to get it started next week (I’ll report back).

~Don’t forget that Advocare is still offering Mixed Spark Packs! They include 6 Stick Packs each of: Fruit Punch, Pineapple Coconut, Limeade, Blue Raspberry and Grape flavors and are a great way to try a bunch of Spark Flavors. My favorite is Fruit Punch.  I am trying to use up all my other Spark in the house before ordering more (that’s going to take a while), but I totally miss my Fruit Punch.  I start every day with a Spark in my Yeti cup.  It is supposed to be mixed into 8oz of water, but I mix it into at least 3x that. I find it too strong with just 8oz.

~I am still expecting a few subscription boxes this week including my Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Box (my Limited Edition boxes will be coming next week), the GLOSSYBOX Limited Edition Box, Wantable Intimates / Wantable Makeup, Bookcase.Club and Pooch Perks.

~That’s it from here. Have a great weekend!

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