Thursday Thoughts


~Good morning! We are still busy enjoying our summer vacation.  This week’s fun has included summer camp, a trip to the Cider Mill / Park to walk the trails and Dave & Busters! I remembered it was half off Game Day (it’s always half off on Wednesdays) around lunch time, so we made an afternoon of it. Wednesdays are the time to go! B’s won’t be home for a few more weeks, but I think we did a good job of winning lots of tickets without him ;)!!

~Is it Fall yet? Because I am SO READY to find these in the store. Harvest Mix Cadbury Mini Eggs??? Yes please!

~Talk to me about barre classes!  My neighbor is 100% addicted and wants me to come to a class with her, but I am nervous.  Mainly because I am super uncoordinated.  Are there any good, free, at-home classes I can do to at least get a feel for it?

That’s it from here. Have a great weekend!

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So What Wednesday


This week I am saying so what if…

~I have been binge watching The Hills.
~I refuse to believe that the relationship between Brody and Lauren was fake.
~I need to get back to Aldi and get a bottle of that Rose that is supposed to be the best thing ever.
~I am kind of sad there are no McDonalds in my area participating in the UberEats thing today.
~I cannot get past how good looking Rob Lowe is. #betterwithage
~I am ready for football season, chilly weather and the leaves changing color.
~I am in awe of Katie Ledecky. Who isn’t though? She might be able to beat that shark ;).

What are you saying so what to this week?

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Two on Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.24.19 PM
1). Are you a Shark Week fan? I have never been real into Shark Week, but I may have to see what all the fuss is about this year. I watched the Michael Phelps special Sunday, which went just about as expected. I know people (the internet) were disappointed that he didn’t race next to an actual shark, but…… how woud you even make that work? Seriously?  What other Shark Week shows should I watch?

2). How often do you wash your hair?  I’m 100% sure we’ve covered this one before, but I am curious if it changes in the summer?  I used to be able to go ever other day, but since I started working out that just doesn’t fly anymore.  Once my hair gets wet from sweat, I need to wash it. Dry shampoo – no matter the brand, doesn’t work for me on sweaty hair! What do you do?  If you work out and can skip washing, tell me your secret ways!!!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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Monday Morning Ramblings


~Good morning! Another week of the same around here. The boys will go to camp a few days this week, we’ll go to the pool, who knows what else?? It’s Kid’s Eat Free Night at MODPizza (L and I have been planning for days) so that’s for sure happening for dinner.

~My Perfected Rose (you can see my original post on it here) still looks just about perfect. I am so fascinated by this. It’s a real rose that requires no care at all. I’ve had it since February and thought surely it would be in the trash by now. Nope. Target carried them around Valentine’s Day and the only other place I have found them is from a Third-Party Seller on Amazon. I’m tempted to order another one!

~This week’s subscription boxes include MissionCute, Something Snacks, Five Four Club, my Summer POPSUGAR Limited Edition Box and a few others. I feel like Sports Crate and Mine Chest are supposed to ship this week too, but I doubt that will happen.

~A few random things: 1) You guys are right.  The Aldi ice-cream in pints isn’t that great. 2) Is there going to be a season 2 of Big Little Lies?  I hope so. 3) Do you take a “pre-workout”?  I usually just drink a Spark, but I am thinking of trying the new Advocare “FIT” line (well some of it anyway).  Do you really see a boost from pre-workout drinks? 4) Spoiler Alert – The shark beat Michael Phelps.

~That’s it from here.  Have a great day!

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Sunday Sentiments


~Good evening!! I feel like we were fairly busy this weekend, but don’t have too much to show for it? LOL! We went to the library, ran some errands, did some shopping at Five Below (always a good time) and ate at Chick-fil-A twice in a row! Not too bad of a weekend ;).

~It’s actually Peloton’s fault we ended up at Chick-fil-A two days in a row (they are in the same mall).  They are giving away free flip-flops with a $100+ in-store purchase and I had JUST made a purchase the day before (figures).  They told me to come in and grab a pair and also hooked the kids up with some goldfish and waters.  I tried to spin away some of those waffle fries when we got home, but I don’t think it worked.  HA!

~Will anyone else be watching Michael Phelps race a shark tonight?  I have to go with the shark on this one.  Although, the shark probably doesn’t know he’s being timed, so maybe he’s not giving it 100% effort??  So many questions with this one!

~Do you follow any celebrities on Instagram / SnapChat that post fun stories?  I need some suggestions!

That’s it from here! Have a great night!

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday Smiles


Today I’m Smiling Because…

~We made it to Build-A-Bear yesterday and they had the Pokemon ones still!  They were thrilled.  You are never too old for a Pokemon guy!  Ever.

~The 2018 IKEA Catalog should be coming soon!  No idea when, but it’s usually around this time.

~Buster is doing awesome and back to his old goofy self after his little surgery this week.  And he hasn’t been messing with his stitches, so he doesn’t need a cone!

~I mention it all the time, but our neighbors rock!  Their nephews and my boys spent hours swimming this week.  L is a fish and W is loving swimming more than he ever did before!

~We had a bunch of fun this week and I still get a lot checked off my “To Do” list!!  Love it!

What are you smiling about today?

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Friday’s Letters


Dear Friday’s Letters, I am sorry I forgot you last week!

Dear Build-A-Bear, Please have Pokemon “bears” today!

Dear Buster, I am glad you are feeling better!

Dear Buster’s Vet, Buster says thank you for not making him wear a cone.

Dear The Starbucks Barista, THANK YOU for the free drink yesterday. I did not care (or even realize) that your boss cut in front of me in line, but you made my day when I ordered and you said it was on the house. WHAT?  Seriously, made my day.

Dear The Tigers, Wow, last night was nasty!  I thought maybe it was a typo when I saw the final score.  Nope!

Dear This Heat Wave, You win, I turned my air on.  It’s going off ASAP though.

Dear The Boys, We had so much fun this week!  How are we going to top this next week???  I am sure we’ll figure it out!

 Dear B, We miss you!! xoxoxoxo

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Thursday Thoughts


~Good morning!! It’s pretty steamy here in Michigan, but we can’t complain because we wish for this kind of weather when it’s 10 degrees out and snowing. B’s still at his school and the boys and I are just trying to pack all the fun in summer we can. Our goal is to do something fun every day. It can be as little as going out for ice-cream. Just something. So far this week we’ve been swimming twice, had lunch at Costco (they think this is fun) and went to the Cider Mill. They have camp today (I think it’s a DJ Glow Dance Party there today) and then tomorrow we are headed to Build-A-Bear to (hopefully) make Pokemon guys!

~I know we have talked about the Nordstrom sale, but what about the Athleta Semi-Annual Sale? What do they have that you love? I picked up a pullover from thredUP, which is fantastic, but what else do you recommend?

~Speaking of love, ALDI! I finally went and checked it out. My haul came to…. $19.77. That’s it. I know everyone says it’s cheap, but wow.  So far we’ve tried the bagels and whipped cream cheese, the frozen fruit bars, the fizzy drinks and the milk.  No complaints at all!  I am impressed.  You all have given me a bunch of recommendations for next time too!

~Has anyone gotten their hands on Trader Joes canned wine? Unlike ALDI, which is super close, Trader’s Joes is not.  I don’t want to drive 30 minutes just to pick up meh wine ;), but something is telling me it’s probably really good and will be sold out past???

That’s it from here. Have a great weekend!

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So What Wednesday!


This week I am saying so what if…

~I am now obsessed with Aldi.
~I have remembered to update the “Blog” tab the last three days in a row!
~I have been staying up late again. Too late. Not good!
~I feel like summer is going to end before we finish our list of fun things to do!
~My blue nail polish stained my nails. I look like a smurf.
~I really like looking at “dog” Instagram accounts.
~I think I could go to bed earlier if I wasn’t up checking on what these fluffly dogs did all day.
~I finally got the Daily RSS feed newsletter back up! #resubscribe
~That hometown visit on the Bachelorette this week was the most awkward date EVER.  Poor Dean. Poor Rachel!!!!!!!!

What are you saying so what to this week?

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