Monday Morning Ramblings

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~Good morning. Thank you so much for all the kind words on yesterday’s post. You guys are the best. Baxter was an amazing dog and really was a member of our family. Okay, moving on before I cry (again)!

~It should be another busy subscription box week around here (which I am super happy about). I am expecting my POPSUGAR Mystery Box, ipsy, bluum, Loot Crate (I am thinking we’ll get spoilers on that today), Smuggler’s Bounty, GLOSSYBOX, Five Four Club, BeautyFIX (they are resending), Something Snacks, Luxor Box, Phone Case of the Month and a handful of others.  Those should keep me occupied.

~Have you tried the new Baby Lips Glow Balm? I love it! It has hydrating pH pigments that gives your lips their own personal pink glow. Super pretty.
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.04.06 PM
~The Instant Pot!  If you have one, talk to me! I got it on Prime Day (my Dad sent me the link to Prime Day about 1200 times and then texted me a few times to see if I bought anything, so really, this is his fault) and need some recipes ideas.  I hear it makes food less “mushy” than slow cookers and that basically everyone who has one loves it.  So if you have one, I would love to hear your ideas / favorites.

~That’s it from here, hope you have a great week!

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Sunday Sentiments

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~Good evening! First things first, W did amazing as the Ring Bearer in my cousin’s wedding. Like he NAILED it. He walked down the aisle, posed for pictures, walked into the reception when he got introduced, everything. There was a lot of ice-cream eating in between tasks and the promise of a car ramp, but he did so so good. L was thrilled he had NO jobs to do and happily hung out with other kids at the wedding playing beach volleyball.  I couldn’t be prouder of them.
~The Target summer clearance has hit 90% off! I didn’t pick up much (more sunscreen, some dive-thru pool pool rings, a few straw cups, etc.), but it was fun looking through everything.  If you went, what’d you get?

~I tried the new Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato and meh, I am not feeling it.  It looks pretty, but I am going to stick with my trusty Caramel Macchiato.
IMG_0048 (1)

~And finally, I want to tell you that we had to say goodbye to our sweet Baxter. He was a good dog the best dog and I miss him so much already (like I am kind of a mess). But I know he’s not suffering anymore so for that I am thankful.  W doesn’t really understand, but L does and he’s understandably very sad.  I can’t really tell about Buddy – he’s a hard dog to read.


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

This is my 8 year-old. Totally. He wants to go EVERYWHERE!

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Saturday Smiles


Today I’m Smiling Because…

~We made it up-north safe and sound! W did awesome at the rehearsal for the wedding and I am hoping he does just as good tomorrow. So proud!
~B is feeling way better.  Still not 100%, but way WAY better.

~My POPSUGAR Mystery Box has shipped.  I can’t wait to see what I get!

~I picked up a few great deals from the Target Summer Clearance Sale. It was “only” 70% off, but I didn’t want to risk it being gone.  Sunscreen at 70% off (plus a $5 gift card if you buy two) isn’t something I want to pass up.

~Giant ring toss is hysterical.  This was another Target Clearance find (I think it was like $5 or $6) and OMG did the kids have a ball with it.  And really, so did B and I.  So fun.

What are you smiling about today?

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Friday's Letters

Dear The Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital, Thanks for fixing B all up and making him better!

Dear Pokemon Go, I don’t know that I “get” you, but L thinks you are amazing. Plus, he doesn’t complain anymore about running errands with me because he can play while we are out and about. So basically I love you.

Dear Target Clearance, As usual, thanks for the great deals.

Dear Reddit Match, I hope you like the gift I sent. I tried. I really did!

Dear My Cousin, Eeek!  This is the big weekend!  You’re getting MARRIED! Congrats!

Dear Camp, Thank you for being so much fun for my boys. They love going so much!

Dear Costco, I don’t know why you had winter jackets out for sale in July, but I’ll admit, I bought some for the boys.  Because when I need jackets for them in November, you’ll only have swimsuits.

Dear L and W, I LOVE that you have been having sleepovers in L’s room.  I have been hoping this would happen ever since L got bunkbeds and it’s finally here.  So so so sweet!

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Thursday Thoughts

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~Good morning! Things have (sort of) settled down around here. B was in the hospital for a couple of nights over the weekend which was quite unexpected. He was having a lot of pain in his stomach and went to Urgent Care Saturday night. They weren’t sure what it was (appendicitis was suspected), so they transferred him to the hospital where they decided it wasn’t the appendix, but instead was colitis (maybe from something he ate?). They treated him with tons of antibiotics, and he is feeling way better.

~This weekends craziest includes my cousin’s wedding in which W is the Ring Bearer!  I’m not going to lie; I am a little nervous.  We’ve talked about it a zillion times, he’s practiced walking, etc. but I am a tad worried about what will happen when there are all those people looking at him.  Any tips?
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.20.24 PM

~I still have a few subscription boxes coming this week including SprezzaBox, POPSUGAR Mini, Pretend Play, Love With Food, Bespoke Post, Play! by Sephora, ipsy, BeautyFix (for some reason it’s showing in tracking as undeliverable, so I may need to look into that), CrateChef, Beauty Box 5, and a handful of others.

~Have you tried the new Choco Chip Oreo cookies?  I thought they were a good, not my favorite Oreo (that’s still the S’mores one), but good.  L approved and B liked them too.  I think I would still prefer to eat either a plain chocolate chip cookie or a plain Oreo over these, though.

That’s it from here!  Oh, wait, if you are on SnapChat, what’s your Snap name?  I am currently obsessed with it and need some new people to follow.  Have a great weekend!

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So What Wednesday…


This week I am saying so what if…

~I spent way too much time yesterday looking at Prime Day deals I knew I was never going to buy.
~I hate that Baxter is getting old.
~I was way too excited when I saw that Chelsea from Teen Mom is pregnant.
~The Tooth Fairy that comes to our house is all over the place with her monetary gifts. Could be $0.25. Could be $1. Could be $2. Could be $20. You just never know what the Tooth Fairy has in her wallet.
~I only know one Pokemon character. Pikachu. Until yesterday I thought one of the characters was actually named Pokemon.
~My Kroger looks to be launching a grocery pick-up service and I am FREAKING out about how fabulous this is going to be. Sign me up. Like yesterday.
~I still don’t know what to get my Reddit Christmas in July match!

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week.

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Two on Tuesday…

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.24.19 PM

1. Are you playing Pokemon Go?  I downloaded it on my phone and my 8 year-old thinks it’s SO COOL.  He has it on his iPad too, but it’s not quite as cool because he can only use it when he’s on wifi.  All I see everywhere I go is people staring at their phones looking for Pokemon.  Same with kids on bikes.  Just packs of them riding around holding their phones.  It’s kind of a genius way to get kids off the couch and outside and moving around, so I think it’s pretty cool too.

2. Are you planning on making any purchases from the big Amazon Prime sale? I haven’t really gotten a chance to look yet this morning, but I recall last year’s sale was pretty lame.  Like really lame. I am hoping for some deals on kid’s back to school supplies and shoes.  My kids could use some new sneakers!  Also, if there was a dirt cheap deal on a Kindle I could probably be swayed into getting it.

That’s it from here!  Can’t wait to hear your answers.

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Monday Morning Ramblings

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~Good morning! How was your weekend? Ours was a tad hectic (more on that later) and this week should be a little hectic as well. My cousin is getting married this weekend (W is the Ring Bearer) so I need to get a few things outfit wise for the boys and just pull it all together!

~So many subscription boxes are coming this week! I am expecting: Love With Food, POPSUGAR (both the full-size and the mini), Birchbox, SprezzaBox, HelloBlissBox, my July Target Beauty Boxes, EggDrop, BeautyFIX, and a bunch of others.  It should be a great subscription box week.

~Don’t forget that today is 7-11, which means FREE Slurpees! They have a new Birthday Cake flavor to celebrate the 50th birthday / anniversary of the Slurpee too.  I cannot imagine what a birthday cake Slurpee tastes like (it doesn’t sound good), but I’ll find out I guess.
~The Olympic trials!  Did you watch?  Gymnastics was amazing, and I found myself holding my breath for a few of the routines.  And Track and Field?  OMG.  A few of the races had the craziest finishes.  I like when they call the paces (moderate), and they are running like 4-minute miles or something.  LOL!  Oh and the diving / falling at the finish line of some of the sprint races?  Ouch.  That has to hurt.  A lot.  How do they not end up all bruised and cut? Or do they?  Just so incredible to watch.  I may or may not have teared up why Gabby Douglas was named to the team and when Laurie Hernandez finished up her beam routine.  ;).

That’s it from here.  I hope you have a great week!

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Sunday Sentiments

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~Good evening! The Gymnastic Trials are on. Gymnastics on tv are like my Super Bowl. I LOVE IT! Simone Biles? Incredible. Just incredible to watch.
Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.50.42 PM

~The little boys went to the Zoo today and got to see the new Penguin Conservatory. I have to admit, I am a little jealous and now really want to go myself. It looks so nice. The old penguin house was stinky and dark, but not anymore.
Recently Updated133

~In case you missed it yesterday, we got spoilers for both the full-size and mini POPSUGAR Must Have Box! My boxes seem to be moving quickly this month, so they should be here in a day or so.

~Does anyone ever make crockpot breakfasts?  Something you start at bedtime and is ready in the morning?  If so, please share your ideas!

That’s it from here!  Have a great night!

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