Friday’s Letters

Dear B, So glad you are home (again).

Dear Buster and Bella, You are quite the duo.  Trouble and more trouble!  LOL!

Dear “Ride & Wine”, You were fun. All cycle classes should be followed by wine.

Dear The Lions, It’s looking like it will be a long season.  Ack.

Dear The Boys, Thanks for being so good yesterday!

Dear Fall, You have arrived.  At my house anyway.

Dear Summer Vacation, You have been so much fun!  I feel like we packed a lot in and we still have a few more days!

Dear Whoever Stole My Credit Card, I hope you enjoyed your purchase in Malta and Delaware. And also that online dating membership!







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2 Responses to Friday’s Letters

  1. Tabitha says:

    Just think…if your credit card thief finds love, it’ll be because of you! LoL! Sorry that happened to you though.

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