What I Bought This Week (8/9/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share another round of what I bought this week:

  • Cooper’s Hawk Wine ($19.95): B and I signed up for the Cooper’s Hawk Wine Club last month and I just picked up our August bottle this week.  It’s $19.95/month and you get a bottle of wine each month plus discounts, free gifts here and there, etc.  July was double bottle month (aka 2 bottles for the price of one), which is what really got us (that and the wine we had already had before signing up).  You can try the wine of the month when you pick it up and they’ll let you swap it out if you hate it.  So far, we’ve been super happy with their picks.  August is their GSM2 – a red blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.https://chwinery.com/wine-club/overview
  • Lululemmon Tank Top (Plato’s Closet) ($16): Although we have a few super close, I have never been to Plato’s Closet before this week. Some of it seemed expensive (aka I am not paying $40+ for pilly Lululemon leggings, but I scooped up this lulu tank for $16, which I thought was super fair. I will be back for sure.

  • Pure Barre Tank & Leggings (thredUp) ($27): I love Pure Barre logo gear, but it’s expensive!  I was looking at a tank top (literally just a cotton tank top) at my studio the other day and it was $50.  I picked up a PB tank +PB branded leggings for $27 at thredUp last week and yeah, it’s used but after the first time I wear new stuff it’s used too ;).  You can’t beat the prices either!

  • L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray ($9.97): I love this stuff! I swear my hair starts to turn gray a week after I get it colored at the salon, but this covers it up PERFECTLY. I used to buy it from Target, but it’s always either sold out OR every single one looks like it’s been opened /sprayed. Now I get it from amazon. It comes sealed and I know I am getting a full bottle.

That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Anything exciting?

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4 Responses to What I Bought This Week (8/9/18 Edition)!

  1. Amber M says:

    I bought school supplies LOL. Not exciting at all unless you are my 9 year old. She loves buying school supplies. This weekend I’ll be buying myself a birthday gift just not sure what yet. I really want a coral Yeti.

  2. Zelene says:

    I have bought and sold clothes/shoes to/from plato’s closet and they pay well and a little bit better than thredUp, I have seen Lululemon in a very good prices (like $20-$25 for leggings), so far I have just bought bags (You can find pretty good deals in Kate Spade bags here ;)) and a very nice (almost like new) Nike sweatshirt for $8 but I always check the main racks just in case 😉
    This week I bought some pretty dresses for like $12 in Gap and I still need to go to costco for those pirex containers with 5off discount 😀

    • Jennifer says:

      Why is my Platos charging so much for leggings! AHHH!!! I didn’t even think they were in that great of condition. I need to check the dresses there next time I go!

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