What I Bought This Week (10/29/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share yet another round of what I bought the last few weeks:

  • Cooper’s Hawk Wine ($19.99): I believe I have mentioned this before, but B and I are members of the wine club at Cooper’s Hawk.  We grabbed our November bottle last week, which is a Chenin Blanc Gewürztramin.  B is more red wine drinker, while I prefer white (*), so we switch it up and get a red one month and a white the next.
  • Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw(Costco) ($29.99): I am way too excited about this.  I’ve always wanted an electric blanket, but for some reason have never gotten around to getting one.  But when I saw that Costco had them for $30, it was a no-brainer. It’s not huge, but it’s the perfect size for me to use while reading or watching tv on the couch.
  • Frozen Butternut Squash (Costco): I can’t remember how much this was, but whatever it was it is worth it.  It’s a  package of 5 16oz steamer bags.  I love butternut squash and this is such an easy way to always have some on hand.
  • Lululemon Energy Bra (lululemon) ($29): These are hands down, my favorite lulu bras.  They are supportive, but still super comfortable.  They retail for $59, but I got it in “Bali Breeze” which was on Final Markdown for $29.  Yes please!!!!!!

    That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week (well last week)?  Anything exciting?

(*) Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE red too, but I always end up drinking too much and ending up with a brutal hangover.

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