Workout Wednesday: What To Wear to (Pure) Barre Class!

What To Wear To Barre Class2

I am trying to mix things up a little on the blog and am starting a Workout Wednesday series – beginning with one of my (new) favorite workouts – Pure Barre!  I’ve been going since March and am pretty much in love.  I will do a What to Expect At Your First Pure Barre class next week, but I am starting out with what to wear to barre class. Walking into a class you’ve never done before can be a little intimidating, but this post will help you dress like you’re an old pro!

What to Wear to Barre Class (and Why)

1. Leggings. Always leggings – never shorts. Why you ask? Well, you get into some, ahh, interesting positions in barre and shorts could leave you feeling a little exposed if you know what I mean. My absolute favorite leggings are Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Full-On Luon ($98), but I have leggings from pretty much everywhere – Costco, Target, Fabletics, Ellie, Athleta, you name it!  Leggings not only keep you covered, but they also help the instructor to check on your form and make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

2. Tank Top. A t-shirt will work too, but I prefer a tank. Something fitted, but not skin-tight is my personal preference. Anything too loose may leave you feeling (again) a little too exposed during the plank and push-ups (basically the person behind you may be able to see up your entire shirt –  just something to think about). Anything too tight might just be flat out uncomfortable. I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but I grab for my Target C9 ones a lot!  I have never seen anyone wear just a sports bra and leggings to barre, but if that is your preference check with the studio you are going to just to make sure it is allowed (I know some studios do not allow this).

3. Sports Bra. There is no running / jumping in a Pure Barre Classic class, so you don’t need a super supportive sports bra. Obviously, wear what you are comfortable in, but you’ll notice lots of strappy tank / bra combos in class!

3. Sticky Socks. Sticky socks are a must! Pure Barre studios are carpeted, so no bare feet or shoes in the studio. You could wear regular socks, but sticky socks will make your life (and your 90-second plank) easier. Without them, you will be slipping around, even on carpet! You can buy socks at the studio (Pure Barre socks run about $15) or online (Life by Lexie has a 3 pair for $20 grab bag). Socks from your local trampoline place (AirTime, SkyZone) work too and are way less expensive. I’ve also seen people wear those grippy socks they give you at the hospital. Whatever works!

My Recent Pure Barre Outfits

What I Wore to Pure Barre

Hopefully, this helped if you are new to barre classes or thinking about trying them out! Barre classes are easily the most stylish fitness classes I have ever attended, but in a fun way. In general, would estimate that 95% of the class wears some sort of leggings / tank combo on any given day.  Comfort / Function first – style second!


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