Sunday Sentiments


~Good evening! Did anyone do any Black Friday shopping?? I went to Target friday and got the kids a few things and went to a local LuLaRoe Open House yesterday. I always feel weird about going to a stranger’s house like that, but she was super nice and it was fine.
~Elfster Secret Santa matches have been drawn and people have started shipping their gifts already! Hello, overachievers much??? LOL! I’m still working on shopping ;). I signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa too, so that should be fun.

~Who watched Gilmore Girls over the weekend??  I’m not totally done yet, so don’t wreck the “Final Four Words”!
~Has anyone’s Elf on the Shelf returned? Ours (Fred) is back and will likely be forgetting to return back to the North Pole soon!  LOL.  Luckily he’s not too sneaky and doesn’t get into elaborate things like some of his Elf friends.

That’s it from here!  Have a great night!

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