So What Wednesday..


This week I am saying so what if…

~I’m really excited about going to the movies on Christmas. We all are excited!
~I am still disappointed that Starbucks didn’t have an advent calendar this year.
~I still want it to snow. A lot.
~I totally spaced on putting the garbage out last week because of the holiday. FAIL.
~I may not think all the “Funniest Videos” L watches are funny, but him cracking up cracks me up too. So cute!
~Out of everyone, I think Buddy misses B the most. I mean we all miss him (he’ll be home in a few days), but Buddy just seems extra sad. Poor guy ;(.
~I thought MSU Basketball season would make that awful football season all better. I was wrong.
~I am excited about my Reddit Secret Santa match!
~I need to wrap 24 books tonight for our Advent Book Calendar. Every year I plan on doing it in advance. And every year, I don’t.
~W had “Holiday Pictures” at school the other day. I sent him in wearing a lobster hoodie and running pants. Oops.

What are you saying So What to this week?

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