Silent Sunday

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What I Bought This Week (9/7/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share yet another round of what I bought this week:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (Everywhere): If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I have a little cleaning project (aka my rental condo we are getting ready to sell) on my hands.  I have been buying these like CRAZY.  What can’t they do really?
  • Real Good Cheese Pizza (Target): I see this on Instagram all the time and everyone seems to LOVE it, so when I saw it at Target I thought I would pick it up.  It was a huge miss for me. Maybe because I made it in the microwave or maybe it’s just not good?  I’m going to stick with regular pizza and just workout more.
  • lululemon White Leggings (thredUp) ($10): thredUp does it again. Like new lulu leggings for 1/3 of the price.  I love the detail on the calves and think it breaks up the all-white perfectly!
  • Blake’s Rose Hard Cider (Local Market): I don’t think this is available nationwide, but it should be.  It’s the best Rose cider I have tried to date.  If you happen to come accross it, grab it!

    That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Anything exciting?

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Silent Sunday

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What I Read This Month – August 2018 Edition

What I Read This Month

In keeping up with my year of reading, here are my August 2018 reads:

~The High Season (Judy Blundell) (Library): I felt like the characters were well-developed and although this book had a lot going on, I didn’t find it at all hard to follow.  It was a fun summer read, but wasn’t too light.
~Marriage Vacation (Pauline Brooks) (Amazon): What on earth did I just read? I don’t watch the TV Land series Younger, which I guess somehow ties into this book, but I don’t think it would have mattered.  I don’t want to wreck this book if you decide to read it, but this woman didn’t just take a marriage vacation, she took a life vacation.  Some of the reviews say that its relatable to them as a mom, but I was like nope, no way!
Sweet Little Lies (Caz Frear) (Book of the Month): This one was not a light read by any means, but it was a good read!  There were so many twists and turns in this book that I had no idea where it would end up.  And the ending was even more surprising than I could have ever imagined!
~Baby Teeth (Zoje Stage) (Library):  Very disturbing in a can’t put this book down kind of way.  I hated the ending, but it makes me hopeful there will be a follow up to this book.
~The Breakdown (B.A. Paris) (Library): Wow.  Without giving too much away I’ll just say that I am not sure I would have believed anything the main character was thinking either.  This book did NOT disappoint.
~Everything I Never Told You (Celeste Ng) (Library): I loved Little Fires Everywhere (also written by Celeste Ng) and this one gets great reviews on Amazon, so I figured I’d love this too.  I did not.  I felt like it was repetitive and I just couldn’t get into it. I guess you can’t love them all!
Educated A Memior (Tara Westover) (Library): This book has been on basically every 2018 must-read book and although it’s not my normal type of book (I normally read fiction), I checked it out of the library. And I am so glad I did.  It’s a memoir about a girl from a survivalist family who never went to formal school and ended up getting a PHD from Cambridge.  Incredible.
~How Hard Can It Be (Allison Pearson): Not as good as some of her other books, but if you are looking for a light easy read with a satisying ending, this is it.
~Tell Me Lies (Carola Loveing): Now this book didn’t have the ending I was hoping for a few chapters in, but that is a good thing.  It just goes to show that our first loves may not be the ones for us.

What did you read in August?  Any recommendations for me for September?

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Monday Morning Ramblings


~Good morning! It’s the last full week of summer for the boys and we are hoping to make it a good one. Tonight is Meet The Teacher at school, so they will get a chance to see who is all in their classes and scope out their classrooms. L got the teacher he wanted and W (he didn’t care who he got) is in a 1st/2nd blend class. He’s in 1st grade so he’ll be exposed to both 1st and 2nd-grade material which I think is fantastic. Should be a great year.

~Friday night B and I had a date night at Cooper’s Hawk. It’s a chain restaurant (winery), but I don’t think there are a ton of them around. We are in their wine club and had a free bottle from their July promotion so we went there to take advantage of that. Instead of ordering dinner we decided to test out a few of their appetizers which turned out to be perfect. The portions are huge, they aren’t as $$$ as the entrees and they were delicious! I doubt I’ll ever get an entree there again!

~Saturday morning we headed up to Michigan State to help with with Move-In at the dorms. I volunteered thru the alumni association and would totally do it again next year. After helping a bunch of freshmen unload their cars and haul their stuff to their rooms, we had lunch in one of the cafeterias (we ate at Brody Square). I remember having a ton of options in the dining hall when I was there all those years ago, but wow, they have stepped up their game. Sushi, sandwiches to order, build your own taco bar, stir fry, pasts, a full dessert bar, you name it, they have it. It’s a real good thing it wasn’t that fancy when I was in college or I would have eaten EVERYTHING.

~We spent Sunday mainly hanging around the house.  The boys played way too much Fortnite (will this game ever be “over”) and I took a 75-minute “Lifted Seat Intensive” class at Pure Barre. It will intense for sure. Those extra 20 minutes of class about did me in. I don’t think I have ever sweated that much at barre!

That’s it from here.  Have a great week!

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What I Bought This Week (8/24/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share yet another round of what I bought this week:

  • School Supplies: School starts after Labor Day here, but we have Meet the Teacher next week, so it was time to get these ordered.  Actually, if it were up to me (and the boys) we’d wait till Monday, but my mom was getting stressed.  LOL!  So far I have 8 separate shipments of school supplies coming to the house.  Somehow I don’t think that’s overly efficient (are the pens at a separate warehouse from the pencils?), but whatever!
  • Keyboard Stickers! (amazon) ($7.99): It’s possible these are no longer “cool” to save (I am not sure that they ever were actually), but I love them!  My old ones were getting a little gross, so it’s time for fresh ones!
  • Pure Barre Muscle Tank (Poshmark) ($10):  I think we have talked about this before, but Pure Barre branded items are expensive!  I picked this up on Poshmark for $10 (plus shipping) and can’t wait to get my hands on this (it hasn’t arrived yet)!

That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Anything exciting?

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Not sure why I stopped doing these, but I am bringing them back!

Currently Buying

High Neck Tanks.  I only actually bought one, but I am all about this style for barre right now.   B says I should have gotten an actual lululemon tank and had that printed on it, but I feel like that would have been way too $$$.  He’s right though, it would have been cooler.

Currently Looking Forward To

School Starting. We so need to get back on a schedule here!  We start back after Labor Day and we are ready.  Well, the boys say they aren’t ready, but I think they secretly are.

Currently Reading…

Tell Me Lies: A Novel by Carola Lovering. I’m hooked! I saw it recommended on the Betches Summer Reading List and put it on hold at the library right away. Spoiler Alert: He’s not going to change.

Currently Working On

M2M Sale Stuff. Somehow I agreed to help out again ths year and it’s time to get started!  As long as no one calls me about it at 7am on my cell phone or 2 months after the sale requesting a table (both of those have happened in the past), we should be okay ;).

Currently Wishing For

White Leggings!  I know, I know.  These don’t sound fabulous, but I can’t stop thinking about getting a pair.  Only I don’t want to spend a fortune, so I have been stalking Poshmark, thredUp, Platos’, etc. for a nice pair that I know won’t be see-thru, but that also doesn’t cost a fortune.

Currently Loving

Airbrush Tans.  If you have never tried it,  can’t recommend it enough.  I’m not talking about those VersaSpa or Mystic Tan booths either (although they are okay). I am talking about when you go and have an actual person spray you.  It’s a little odd the first time I will say that, but SO WORTH IT.

Currently Annoyed About

Spam Calls.  All day long.  I still get calls about getting a warranty for my 2008 Sebring that I had for two years (2008 – 2010).  I have probably gotten 100 calls about that car over the years.  The best part?  It was a lease.  Why couldn’t whoever sold them my information told them that as well?  Ack!

Currently Watching

The VMA’s!  Well, I was last night anyway.  J Lo?  Flawless as usual. #goals

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Silent Sunday

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What I Bought This Week (8/17/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share another round of what I bought this week:

  • Lululemon Leggings (thredUp) ($25/each): I posted about these earlier in the week (and on Instagram), but my third and final pair arrived yesterday!  I ordered these last week, but they all shipped from different warehouse locations.  If you are on the hunt for some cheap Lulu, head over to thredUp – coupon code YAY will score you 40% off pants.
  • Universal Threads (Orange Sweatshirt (Target) ($19.99): targetdoesitagain posted this and I loved it the second I saw it.  I have been wanting an orange sweatshirt (is it fall yet?) and the price point is perfect.  It comes in a bunch of other colors too.  It runs big, so keep that in mind if you buy it online.
  • SkyZone Socks ($3?):  Am I the only one who forgets these every single time we go to SkyZone?  Seriously, we must own a dozen pair!  LOL!
  • Tie-Back Tank (Amazon) ($14.99):  This is very similar to a Lulu tank I have been eyeing, but for 1/3 of the price.  Even if I only like it 1/2 as much, it’s a win ;).

That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Anything exciting?

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Workout Wednesday: What To Expect At Your First Pure Barre Class!

Workout Wednesday: What To Expect At Your First Barre Class!
Now that we’ve covered what to wear to Pure Barre Class, it is time to talk about what to expect when you get there! Here’s the lowdown:

What is Pure Barre?
First of all, what is Pure Barre anyway?  According to their website “Pure Barre is a total body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements, which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques”.  When they say small movements, they are not kidding.  You move just inches. But it works!

What to Bring
A water bottle, a hair tie and maybe a towel. Since the studio is carpeted, I like to bring a water bottle that closes tightly – one I know won’t spill if it tips over. A hair tie is a must for me regardless of the type of workout. The studio I go to has jar of hair ties in the bathroom (along with tampons, face wipes, etc), but make sure you have one just in case. Sometimes I bring a towel with me, but more often than not I forgot. Barre isn’t like spin class where you are sweating buckets, but there are times I wish I would have brought a towel. Most studios (mine included) want you to put away your cell phone before class starts. Cubbies or lockers will be available to stash your things!

What To Expect
When you arrive (try to arrive 15 minutes before your class starts) you’ll check in at the front desk where you will be asked to complete a questionnaire / waiver.  Someone (the instructor or front desk employee) will show you wear to store your things and will walk you into the studio.  They will show you where to get your weights (I grab both 2lb and 3lb sets), ball and tube. Some studios (the one I visited in Hawaii did) will have the tubes and balls set up in advance, but my local studio does not.  I personally like to sit by the side barre with the mirror. There are barres on every side of the studio with mirrors in the front and on one side.  At first, I didn’t love looking at myself in the mirror while I was working out, but it’s a great way to check on your form and you can easily glance at the instructor if you are lost on a move.  Plus I like to sit on the side so I know exactly which barre to go to.  There are no assigned barres, but in full classes, they can get a little crowded and I just find it easier this way.  One tip: Try to avoid the corner barres – there just isn’t a ton of room!

Pure Barre Classes (this post covers Classic PB classes, not Empower) are typically 55 minutes and broken down into six sections (warm-up, arms, thighs, seat, abs, and cool-down) with stretching in between.  The warm-up, arms, abs, and cool-down are always on the floor.  Thighs and seat are generally barre work, with a little floor work mixed in.  One of my favorite parts about Pure Barre is how quickly it moves.

Be prepared to be confused. You’ll hear a lot of terms like “Tuck”, “Pulse”, “Final 10”, “Waterski”, “Highest Heels”, “Up An Inch, Down an Inch” “Hold”, ” Freeze”, etc. and won’t always know what they mean.  The instructor will (likely) give you a quick demo on “tucking”, but it takes a few classes (at least) to really put it all together and that’s okay!  Instructors walk around the class and may adjust your form or give you more detailed instructions (off mic) if necessary.  It happens to everyone and is no big deal!

It’s harder than you think.  2lb and 3lb weights seem like nothing, but your arms will be sore!  In fact, the day after your class your thighs, butt, and abs may be a little sore too!  Those little movements don’t “look hard”, but when you’re the one doing them, you’ll see how quickly your legs will start to shake too.  Embrace it!

Whether you love or hate it after your first class, I recommend waiting to sign-up for a long-term membership or swearing it off completely, until you have been to a few classes.  I started with a one-month unlimited membership (they usually offer it at a discounted rate to new members) and then signed up for an annual membership after that!

One final note – don’t compare yourself to anyone else in class!  You have no idea if the person next to you is on their 2nd class or their 500th class.  Give it your best and take the class time for yourself!!

Note: This post was not sponsored by Pure Barre and I have no affiliation with them other than being a member and taking classes.  As always, consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

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