Monday Morning Ramblings


~Good morning! I’m back!  I didn’t post about it here, but I met B in Hawaii (he was there for work) last week!  I’d never been and figured why not?  My mom watched the boys (THANK YOU), who may have had even more fun than we did.  I went to the beach while B worked and we pretty much just roamed around the island (we were on Oahu) on the weekend and checked out various beaches.  It was SO NICE!  And of course, we had to stop and get some Dole Whip and get our picture in their giant pineapple.  LOL!

~I might be the only person on the planet, but I didn’t love Girl, Wash Your Face.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it and I agree with mostly everything she’s saying, but it wasn’t packed with any earth shattering advice like I was expecting.  Maybe it’s because I listened to everyone talk about how fantastic it was for months before I finally read it and was just thinking it would be more?  Anyone else feel like this way or do I need to give it another try (I didn’t even finish it)??

~I feel like we should be getting a spoiler for the Fall POPSUGAR box soon?  Has anyone heard anything?  I checked the FAQ and can’t qute figure out when we are getting billed or when this box ships, but I’m assuming has to be in August sometime?

That’s it from here.  Have a great week!

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6 Responses to Monday Morning Ramblings

  1. Jennifer Davis says:

    Question….with FabFitFun, if you subscribe seasonally (not annually) do you get to make any choices or is that just for the annual subscribers? Also, I know fall is coming up and I want that to be my first box, not the editors box, so at what point should I sub?

    • Jennifer says:

      I am 99% sure if you subscribe for just fall you will not get to make your box choices. Its just for annual subscribers and VIPs (not sure how that is classified but I am one since I am a long-term subscriber). I would sign up as soon as the Fall box goes on sale and maybe after a spoiler or two just to make sure you like it. They do warn when a box is going to sell out though, so chances of you missing it are slim.

  2. Lauren says:

    I am currently listening to girl wash her face on Audible. I’m 3/4 of the way done and I guess I’m a little confused. I don’t love it either and quite frankly I think sometimes it makes me a little depressed. I like isn’t this supposed to be a good nice happy self help read??

  3. Kristin says:

    I’m having a hard time finishing Girl Wash Your Face as well. I just can’t get into it. Of course I’m much older, divorced and my youngest child is 11 so maybe it’s because I can’t really relate to her personal stories….

    • Jennifer says:

      If you dont mind my asking, how old are you? I am 41, and just kind of felt like she was telling me stuff I already knew. I mean, it would be fantastic to just say Yes to the things you loved and no to everything else, but thats just not reality. Not mine anyway.!!!

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