Monday Morning Ramblings

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~Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. B and I are on Day 7 of the Challenge and B still wants to chew his arm off, but I am feeling good. He’s off today, so we are headed out to run some errands and go grocery shopping. I am stealing a bunch of Jen’s meal ideas, so this should be pretty easy.

~Let’s talk about the Globes. Jennifer Lopez may be the most stunning creature on this earth. She is flawless. And she just gets better and better with age. I do not know what she does, but I want to do it too. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were awesome as usual and I think they should just have them host forever.
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.21.02 PM

~Lots of subscription boxes should be coming in this week including Beauty Box 5Birchbox, Citrus Lane, ipsy, Love With Food, Munch PakPopSugar, Yogi Surprise and probably a few surprise ones mixed in there.

~If you missed it over the weekend I am having a giveaway for a Target + PopSugar Must Have Box so make sure you enter that and do so daily.  This box is now SOLD OUT so you can’t even buy it anymore.

~My local news was talking about expiration dates last night and what they really mean. Do you follow them?  I do and I don’t.  I generally don’t risk it with meat, but I’ll do the sniff test with milk and yogurt if it’s a few days past the expiration date.  I wouldn’t give it to the kids, but I’ll have it ;).  With oatmeal or a box of crackers or cookies, yeah, I will go past the expiration date on occasion.

Or maybe it's still ok?

Or maybe it’s still ok?

~The Bachelor is back on tonight!  I am looking forward to seeing what crazy dramatic stunning thing happened after the Rose Ceremony.  I do want to watch the National Championship game too so I will be switching back and forth between the two.

~That’s about it for this morning.  What do you have planned for this week?

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18 Responses to Monday Morning Ramblings

  1. Becka says:

    I got my Popsugar box already! (What?!) I came home from vacation and it was here waiting for me. I think January might be my favorite PSMH monthly box so far. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

  2. Amy G says:

    I can’t remember my disqus name so I’m posting as a guest. that’s pretty par for me. I can hardly remember any of my new passwords since you have to add so many different things nowadays lol.
    I’m a total stickler for expiration dates. I won’t eat yogurt, cheese, milk or anything that’s past it’s date, even boxed items. I’m scared that people will get sick (and myself too). I am even weird about deli meat. I try to throw it away after 3 days but sometimes my husband gets mad if I try to throw his hot ham away and he’ll eat that up to a week–ew!
    I’m excited for my PopSugar and PupBox that I’m expecting!
    JLo is gorgeous. I love watching her on AI, although I don’t think she’s as talented as some that actually try out lol. My Harry and Keith–yum!
    I’m trying to get back into exercise and eating good–again! I have my Spark to get me through my morning but I just can’t get myself totally motivated again. ugh.
    Plans for the week–kids have a 2 hour delay today and will probably have one tomorrow. I need to get my butt in gear to exercise and try to talk my almost 15 year old into taking a Yoga class with me. I’m trying to get more organized around here because I can’t ever find any important papers and then I get mad when my husband gets mad because they are missing lol.

    • Amy G says:

      lol….got a new password. Wonder how long that will last for me.

      • theramblingjen says:


        I cannot not have caffeine in the morning. I need it. Like I NEED it. I have been drinking 3 a day during the challenge. I add about double the suggested amount of water, but still. I need it.

        • Amy G says:

          See, Like B, I’d not be able to give up my caffeine. I have 4 cups in the morning. I wait about an hour, then drink my Spark (pee about 50 times), then I exercise. I also drink 2 cups of coffee in the afternoon (or a Spark). I would not be able to give up my coffee for a cleanse!

  3. bisexual narwhal says:

    JLo is flawless. I wish I had half her glow and I’m ten years younger than she is! She always looks sexy but classy.

  4. Jen says:

    1. National Champ Game > The Bachelor
    2. Love that you and B are still rocking da challenge.
    3. I need those Target poufs. I too eyed them basically daily.
    4. J Lo is off the hook. Almost not human. We need her secrets immediately.

    The End

    • theramblingjen says:

      We need her secrets like now. I do not get it at all. She is stunning.

      And we are rocking it! I am scheduling my next one in my EC already 😉

  5. PA Anna says:

    Schools here on on a 2 hour delay this morning. JLo looks amazing. I’m cutting back on boxes because it is too much stuff. This week I am receiving BirchBox, New England Sack, The Fantasy Box, and Love with Food. Wow. It doesn’t look like I am cutting back LOL.

    • PA Anna says:

      I forgot to add that I have a teenage boy in sports. Food doesn’t last long enough in my house to go past the expiration date.

      • theramblingjen says:

        I am going to get eaten out of house and home when my boys get to be teenagers. Between them and B, it’s already bad!

  6. laura r says:

    I usually pay attention to expiration dates but ultimately do the sniff test to be sure. Even if it’s in date because I’ve had milk that was supposed to be good for another week that was chunky and smelled gross! Though really, I don’t keep perishable goods stocked up- I go to the grocery store a lot for fresh food. My boyfriend’s parents were here for 2 weeks and his mom would constantly ask me if I had any _____. I had to keep telling her no, unless it’s pasta or spices it’s safe to assume it’s not in my pantry/fridge.

    This week is bittersweet I guess. It’s likely my last week of peace for at least 2 years. I start nursing school next week. I’m a wreck, lol, whenever I think about it I feel nauseated. So this week I really want to get everything in my house organized. I know I’ll watch too many episodes of House though!

    • theramblingjen says:

      My husband will NOT go past the expiration date at all. Never.

      OMG that amazing! Best of luck! Try not to be nervous! I hear it’s quite difficult, but a amazing feeling when you are done!

  7. Heather Poccia says:

    Im very excited about popsugar fitness box. I was following the MUT post for spoilers and some maybe felt PS may have cut the box short because of the flack they may have received lately. I think it sold out so quickly simply because they limited the quantity based on projected sales and did not want another box they had to try to discount and give away. Im sure they didnt anticipate the quick sell out or they would have been happy to seel many more.
    Im not a huge stickler for expiration dates. I should be tho. I dont let my kids eat anything quedtionable but i allow myself to. But. In reality my health is important too. Theres no such thing as time for a mom to be sick. Haha.
    I saw the Glossybox spoilers and im excited. I may want another!
    And i have been quite excited for Yogisurprise. Its close to being one of my faves. I personally enjoy it and have found some super great products from it. I do kind of hope for a higher value in months to come tho.

    • theramblingjen says:

      Did you see that The Target box shipped? I cannot wait to see what’s in it!

      My Yogi Surprise started moving so I am thinking Wednesday for that one? I wonder what’s in it?

      • Heather Poccia says:

        My popsugar fitness box is coming today according to Fedex its out for delivery!!!!! woo hoo, someone will be having a fantastic afternoon 😉

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