Friday’s Letters

Dear Thanksgiving, You were fun! I wish we did this more than once a year ;).

Dear Sephora, I always leave your website frustrated after Black Friday, but it never stops me from trying.

Dear The Lions, What?  Who are you guys?  Another win??????

Dear This Post, You are going to get buried in between 9 million Black Friday subscription box posts.  I am sorry.  So many deals.  So little time.

Dear W, Just because you are off school for a few days doesn’t mean “it’s over”.  You have to go back next week.  For real.

Dear The Water Bottle Flip, I hate you.  So much.

Dear The Hills, Nothing beats when you surprise me and show up on MTV.  The best.

Dear L, Amazing job on your reading this month!  You could teach me a thing or two about getting a book finished in a timely manner.

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