Not sure why I stopped doing these, but I am bringing them back!

Currently Buying

High Neck Tanks.  I only actually bought one, but I am all about this style for barre right now.   B says I should have gotten an actual lululemon tank and had that printed on it, but I feel like that would have been way too $$$.  He’s right though, it would have been cooler.

Currently Looking Forward To

School Starting. We so need to get back on a schedule here!  We start back after Labor Day and we are ready.  Well, the boys say they aren’t ready, but I think they secretly are.

Currently Reading…

Tell Me Lies: A Novel by Carola Lovering. I’m hooked! I saw it recommended on the Betches Summer Reading List and put it on hold at the library right away. Spoiler Alert: He’s not going to change.

Currently Working On

M2M Sale Stuff. Somehow I agreed to help out again ths year and it’s time to get started!  As long as no one calls me about it at 7am on my cell phone or 2 months after the sale requesting a table (both of those have happened in the past), we should be okay ;).

Currently Wishing For

White Leggings!  I know, I know.  These don’t sound fabulous, but I can’t stop thinking about getting a pair.  Only I don’t want to spend a fortune, so I have been stalking Poshmark, thredUp, Platos’, etc. for a nice pair that I know won’t be see-thru, but that also doesn’t cost a fortune.

Currently Loving

Airbrush Tans.  If you have never tried it,  can’t recommend it enough.  I’m not talking about those VersaSpa or Mystic Tan booths either (although they are okay). I am talking about when you go and have an actual person spray you.  It’s a little odd the first time I will say that, but SO WORTH IT.

Currently Annoyed About

Spam Calls.  All day long.  I still get calls about getting a warranty for my 2008 Sebring that I had for two years (2008 – 2010).  I have probably gotten 100 calls about that car over the years.  The best part?  It was a lease.  Why couldn’t whoever sold them my information told them that as well?  Ack!

Currently Watching

The VMA’s!  Well, I was last night anyway.  J Lo?  Flawless as usual. #goals

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