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Still loving these!

Currently Burning…

Tocca Yma

Tocca Yma

Tocca Yma.  This came in a subscription box ages ago and it’s almost to the end.  I have been trying to make it last as long as I could and I think I’ve done a pretty good job!  At $38/candle it’s not one I’d buy for myself but I love it.  I so love it.

Currently Watching…

Bethanny!  It’s a rerun with Brandy Glanville, but I don’t think I have ever seen this one.  I am Team Brandy.  She’s a trip.  I need to read her “Drinking and Dating” book.  I read “Drinking and Tweeting” and loved it.

Currently Buying…

Expensive Cleaner.  Ugh.  Some door to door salesman was just here demonstrating this “Hy-Pro Spray Cleen” cleaner and I got sucked in.  It does everything.  Cleans paint off concrete, cleans granite, removes stains, everything.  How was I to resist that walking informercial?  I just couldn’t.  #sucker

Currently Drinking…




Pomegranate Spark!  It’s not my favorite flavor (Fruit Punch is), but it’s pretty darn good.  I got a Starbucks this morning and I am thinking about heading back when WB wakes up from his nap to use my “Treat Receipt” for an afternoon iced coffee.  WB isn’t feeling amazing (he has a cold) so the more coffee the better.

Currently Reading…

US Weekly.  Prince George is on the cover and he’s so stinkin cute.  I can’t resist these trashy magazines.  I’d freak out if I were a celebrity and someone followed me around with a camera, but what can I say, I enjoy watching Brittany Spears walk around with her Starbucks.

Current Obsessions…

Zac Efron.  L’s lego creations.  IKEA.  Conversations with WB.    Mason jars.  Teen Mom.  Cleaning House.  Target Clearance Finds.  Chilly Summer Days.  Pinterest.  Yes To Coconuts Shampoo & Condition (I found it at Target).   PBS.

Currently Excited About…



New FitBit Flex!  My new fitbit came yesterday and I am in love.  It’s actually B’s replacement for his broken one, but he let me have it since he uses the tracker on his iPhone now.  I 

Currently Plotting…



IKEA RÅSKOG Cart Useage. I picked this up at IKEA yesterday with WB and am now trying to figure out how to best use it to organize my craft supplies / pens / washi tape.  There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest that I just get sucked into looking at the pretty pictures.  Which actually is what happens to me every time I use Pinterest.

What’s currently going on with you today?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM


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31 Responses to Currently…

  1. i bought the galvanized plant pots to fit in it.

  2. carolyn says:

    just got my new venu windows 8 tablet from Dell in the mail today so will spend the evening getting it set up

  3. Ashley C. says:

    Ooh what good clearance finds have you scored at Target lately?! I might be heading that way later this week — if I find and pick up some of that wall paper, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  4. Jenny says:

    My friend got that cart and stores her project life supplies in it. She bought some containers at IKEA but I’d have to look and see which ones. I’ll be back in a bit 😉 I love the cart but I don’t have a place to wheel it when not in use so I haven’t gotten it yet.
    Uhm you are obsessed with PBS? Is there something on there that I need to know about?
    I NEED a flex. I realized the other day that since mine is on my bra and then ends up in the bathroom counter I’m missing out on about 1k steps each day when it is not on me. LOL I know not a ton but really it is irritating.

  5. Kara Mishmash says:

    tocca stella candle…simply amazing, I have it in the perfume (got it for my bday one year cause I got a sample from Sephora, was not gonna spend $78 on perfume so the hubs got it for me and I’ve been hoarding it ;). Fitbit…do you guys use the vibrating alarm part, I feel like I would love for my hubs to have that, his annoying alarm goes off forever before he actually turns it off and gets up. And the storage cart, I love it and have been eyeballing it on ebay for ages but now if I can just wait a few months, a new ikea is opening in Kansas City (2hrs from me! yay!)

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t use the vibrating alarm. I don’t even know if that would wake me up!

      Yay for an IKEA near you! I remember being SO excited when mine opened!

    • Lyndie says:

      I have used the vibrating alarm and I was really surprised that it woke me up. I used it with my phone alarm for the first couple days because I was afraid it wouldn’t wake me, but it did. Of course, now I’ve misplaced my fitbit. I know it’s somewhere and I even remember seeing it but I just can’t remember where. LOL

      Have you guys seen these? I like it much better than the plastic band it came with. I’m going to buy some…as soon as I find my fitbit.

  6. Aly says:

    I have the Raskog and I store my nail polishes in pretty jars on the shelves, as well as my nail art tools! i love it so much!

  7. Mrs. L says:

    Currently I’m still trying to recover from Blogher14. So currently I’m drinking lots of coffee to try to stay upright. (and thanks for hooking me up with This Bliss Life!)

  8. PA Anna says:

    That cart really makes me want to go to Ikea. I feel like all I do is drive around the kids. I did make the Aloe lotion bars and sunscreen from the Homegrown Collective box. I will be making the bug spray tomorrow. I’m hoping to do August’s KreationKrate tomorrow.

    Jennifer- Do you know when the next box will ship? I don’t want to email them asking about if the tracking number is coming out this week.

  9. mirta says:

    I also want that trolley when we move next year, in dark grey but I am afraid the dog would get the things from lower two shelves?! yesterday she destroyed my VS Pink gym water bottle :((

  10. Jodie Kingsbury says:

    My husband got sucked into buying the cleaner too. He loves all it does. He put it in a power washer and the house has never looked better. Our siding had a green fungi shade to it and now its gone. This might be the thing to get him to help with the cleaning of things.

  11. Kimm Jones Furlotte says:

    “Teen Mom” talk… Leah needs to get off of that medication, hated seeing her like that 🙁 Glad that Kail & Vee buried the hatchet..The four of them actually looked they were having a great time at dinner..Nice for Isaac to all see them getting along. Baby Lincoln is so freaking cute! Janelle…she always leaves me at a loss for words… Chelsea seems like she has gotten herself in quite a mess..hopefully it all works out and she will get her license..and not lose that house and have to move AGAIN! …I’m a bit obsessed with them too! LOL

    • Jennifer says:

      OMG I didn’t watch this week. I NEED too! I cannot wait to see them all getting along!

      • Kimm Jones Furlotte says:

        Sorry! Hope I didn’t spoil it for you!

        • Kimm Jones Furlotte says:

          won’t say much about this weeks episode in case you haven’t seen it yet…but I wanted so badly to reach through the TV and strangle Janelle…obviously all she learned during all her rehabs about anger management has been forgotten… she just continues to disappoint me week after week 🙁

          • Jennifer says:

            OMG I just watched. I can’t believe she just let those dogs out! And Leah and all her Mary Kay? Oh my!

        • Kimm Jones Furlotte says:

          Not only let them out but also had two fully grown dogs in the same crate for who knows how long! Sometimes I wish the MTV crew would step in and get the situation under control. I worried about those dogs all day. 🙁 Leah with her Mary Kay, obviously she thinks she is gonna be in that pink Cadillac by the end of the year..LOL She didn’t want Jeremy going out of town to make the better money. So he stays closer to home for less money and then she starts spending more..LOL .. In Teen Mom 1 news..have to say loved the pic Catelyn posted of her belly.. Always wishing her and Tyler the best.

          • Jennifer says:

            I was cracking up when Leah was explaining why she bought so much. And that washer and dryer? Umm, that was expensive. You don’t have to get the most giant one they have!

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