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Still loving these!

Currently Burning…

A Real Fire!

A Real Fire!

The Chiminea. Well actually B’s burning it and I am just monitoring it while he and L are on a bike ride. But close enough!

Currently Watching…

Everything.  I am busy trying to get caught up on all my shows!  I am set with the Housewives and Teen Mom 2 and Deadliest Catch, but I need to watch last weeks Naked and Afraid (which I am super excited about).  Also I want to watch that new naked dating show and Nicole Richie’s new reality show.  So much trashy tv, so little time.

Currently Buying…

image credit: QVC / Crispy Cakes

image credit: QVC / Crispy Cakes

Crispy Cakes.  OMG they were on QVC today! And what’s better is that they are MINI Crispy Cakes, not the normal huge ones.  I mean the big ones are delicious of course, but these little ones are awesome.  I of course bought some.  And am thinking about buying more for delivery in December.

Currently Drinking…

Water.  I am finally feeling better (well better than horrible which is how I felt yesterday) so I am sucking down as much as I can.

Currently Reading…

image credit: Amazon

image credit: Amazon

Tempting Fate by Jane Green.  I am still working on starting this one, but as soon as I get some more reviews done, it’s on.  I have a few more books behind it that I need to get reading so this needs to get read!

Current Obsessions…

iPhone cases.  My new iMac.  Notebooks.  Hair masks.  Shampoo and conditioner bars.  The Tour de France.  My Office.  Costco.  Cool Nights.    Watching L get excited about Minecraft stuff.  Serums.

Currently Annoyed About…

Home Depot.  Grr.  So we went there today to get someone to come out and measure so we could get a custom storm door ordered.  Sounds super easy right?  HA!  It took forever (I think we were there for about 1.5 hours and my kids were bouncing off the walls) and not because it was crowded, because no one had a clue.  At one point I thought we were set and then boom, I realized that I was this close to paying for a custom door in some random size because the invoice they wanted me to pay didn’t mention a measurement appointment on it at all.  Ugh!

Currently Plotting…

A trip to the casino.  I haven’t been in MONTHS and I am in need of playing some Sex in the City slots.  For real.  It’s calling my name.  It has been for weeks.  I need to get there. Sooner rather than later too.

What’s currently going on with you today?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM


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8 Responses to Currently…

  1. Madelyn says:

    I loooooooove that slot machine! I love the shoe bonus!

  2. Jenny says:

    Oh my that would annoy me about HD. Do you have Lowes there? I like it way better then HD most of the time but I do like HDs kids builds better. LOL
    I’m heading to be for tomorrow to be epic. Marvel in the afternoon and then Def Leppard/Kiss at night. I will be all rocked out tomorrow. I can’t wait 😉

    • Jennifer says:

      We do have Lowes. We bought the original door that didn’t fit from HD and then didn’t have our receipt so we have a gift card and thought it’d be easier to just buy the new custom door from there. NOT EASIER. LOL.

  3. Kristin says:

    Drinking tea (wine last night!) after yesterday’s crazy and overwhelming new trailer purchase. Oh my it’s so nice but storage is greatly reduced so I need to purge more stuff and find some space saving things. A trip to MI to a container store may be in order!
    Today will be a trip to the laundromat to wash all the linens from the purge everything needs to freshened so I can do everything at once. Once my minions wake up….

  4. Weslyn says:

    How did you like the case from the Nina Garcia box? I got the S5 and I love it!

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