What I Bought This Week (9/7/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share yet another round of what I bought this week:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (Everywhere): If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I have a little cleaning project (aka my rental condo we are getting ready to sell) on my hands.  I have been buying these like CRAZY.  What can’t they do really?
  • Real Good Cheese Pizza (Target): I see this on Instagram all the time and everyone seems to LOVE it, so when I saw it at Target I thought I would pick it up.  It was a huge miss for me. Maybe because I made it in the microwave or maybe it’s just not good?  I’m going to stick with regular pizza and just workout more.
  • lululemon White Leggings (thredUp) ($10): thredUp does it again. Like new lulu leggings for 1/3 of the price.  I love the detail on the calves and think it breaks up the all-white perfectly!
  • Blake’s Rose Hard Cider (Local Market): I don’t think this is available nationwide, but it should be.  It’s the best Rose cider I have tried to date.  If you happen to come accross it, grab it!

    That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Anything exciting?

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