What I Bought This Week (8/24/18 Edition)!

What I Bought This Week

I love when people do posts like this so I thought I would share yet another round of what I bought this week:

  • School Supplies: School starts after Labor Day here, but we have Meet the Teacher next week, so it was time to get these ordered.  Actually, if it were up to me (and the boys) we’d wait till Monday, but my mom was getting stressed.  LOL!  So far I have 8 separate shipments of school supplies coming to the house.  Somehow I don’t think that’s overly efficient (are the pens at a separate warehouse from the pencils?), but whatever!
  • Keyboard Stickers! (amazon) ($7.99): It’s possible these are no longer “cool” to save (I am not sure that they ever were actually), but I love them!  My old ones were getting a little gross, so it’s time for fresh ones!
  • Pure Barre Muscle Tank (Poshmark) ($10):  I think we have talked about this before, but Pure Barre branded items are expensive!  I picked this up on Poshmark for $10 (plus shipping) and can’t wait to get my hands on this (it hasn’t arrived yet)!

That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Anything exciting?

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