Two on Tuesday…

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1. Are you going out shopping for Black Friday? I’ll probably go to Target at some point on Black Friday (30% off clothing!), but there is no way I will be there on Thanksgiving night when they open. I do wish I could snag the $99 Nintendo 3DS for L, but hopefully I can pick that up somewhere online. I think that’s the only big ticket item on his list this year.  Well, that and a Nerf drone thing, but I don’t think that’s happening. If you are headed out, what’s your plan? Do you go out after Thanksgiving dinner? Super early Friday morning? Where are shopping and what are you looking for?

2. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We are headed to my Aunt’s for dinner. We eat late (late for Thanksgiving anyway) because some of my family goes to the Lion’s game in the afternoon. There is a big parade downtown in the morning, but we usually just watch on tv ;). I am thinking about taking the boys downtown the night before so they can check out the floats up-close. They line them all up at the start of the parade route and I have heard it’s amazing.  As long as it’s not raining, I’m going to try to go.

I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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Monday Morning Ramblings

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~Good morning! It should be a pretty wild week around here. The boys have short weeks at school, B is headed out of town (he’ll be gone for a few weeks) and it’s almost Black Friday! That means there will be a TON of subscription box sales / coupon codes to post about this week. Subscription boxes don’t typically have “doorbuster” deals, meaning they aren’t going to run out, so don’t worry about rushing away from Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll post about them as I hear about them and you can always check the Black Friday tab to see if your favorite box has a code!

~Have you seen the latest version of the dress debate? This time it’s flip-flops that look to me like they are white / gold, but I suspect they really aren’t. Actually if I look at the picture straight on, I see white / gold. If I look at it from an angle I see blue / black. What color do you see?

~I have a handful of boxes coming this week including Stitch Fix Men, BuddhiBox, bluum, MissionCute, Loot Crate and a few more. I got a shipping notice for my POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Box, but it hasn’t started moving, so maybe next week? If you missed the spoilers on that, you can find them here.

~That’s it from here! What do you have going on this week?

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Sunday Sentiments

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~Good evening! Not a ton happening around here this weekend. B and L went to the Lions game (another win!) this afternoon, while W and I spent the afternoon at my parent’s house (and went to Costco). Have you been to Costco on a Sunday afternoon? Wow. Just wow. It was insane in there. But they have the best clothes right now. I got a wrap, slippers and a poncho. And everything is like $10! Nice.
~Tonight is the season finale and “Tell Us” for 90 Day Fiance. Eeek! I cannot wait to see what happens on this train wreck. George and Anfisa? I am 99% sure they got married and 99% sure that he’s miserable. Nicole and Azan? I don’t know about this one.  We’ll find out tonight!

~Don’t forget that sign-ups are still open for Secret Santa! It’s all explained in the link (and in the FB group), but basically you have until November 23rd to get signed up (Elfster will draw matches on the 24th and you’ll receive your match via e-mail) and then until December 15th to ship your gift. There is a $25 MINIMUM spend limit (aka you must spend at least $25 not including shipping) and you can create your wishlist in Elfster any time you are ready!


That’s it from here! Have a great night!

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday Smiles


Today I’m Smiling Because…

~It was 72 degrees here yesterday. In Michigan. In the middle of November. And it was incredible. It was for sure the last flip-flops / no coat day of the year and we all took full advantage.

~It’s almost Thanksgiving! Family + Football + Stuffing = Amazing.

~Michigan State won their football game last weekend! Can they do it again this weekend? We’ll see!

~We are going to get the tree(s) decorated this weekend and plan to get the rest the Christmas decorations out.

~My Neiman Marcus x POPSUGAR Must Have Box has shipped.  Eek!  That means someone will be getting their box in the next few days (mine will take at least a week) and we’ll have spoilers!

~Butternut Squash is just as good as Spaghetti Squash.  LOL!!  #addicted

~The David Blaine special was on On Demand!  It was crazy to watch, but in a good way.  Did anyone else see it??

That’s it from here. What are you smiling about today?

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Friday’s Letters

Dear T-Rex Cafe, Why are you so difficult to get reservations for? Who knew it was this hard to eat with dinosaurs?

Dear This Weather, 70 degrees and sunny today, 40 degrees and windy tomorrow. Yep, sounds about right for Michigan.

Dear Weight Watchers, I love you!

Dear B, I feel like maybe you are traveling next week to avoid Target on Black Friday????? I can’t say that I blame you, but we’ll miss you!

Dear That Polar Bear, You looked so sweet petting that dog! I’m such a sucker for those wildlife friends videos.

Dear L, Congrats on being in the no cavity club at the dentist.  Great work!

Dear W, Watching you interact with your friends (and your “girlfriend”) cracks me up.  4 year-olds are very agreeable when playing together and I love it!

Dear Finding Dory, Please get here soon we can can have a family movie night!  I can’t wait to see you.

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Thursday Thoughts

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~Good morning! Just a totally normal week around here. B’s in town, the boys have normal school schedules, I haven’t signed up for any crazy volunteer assigments (LOL), you get the idea.

~Does anyone watch Designated Surivor? Wow, that show has a lot going on. And I love it. It’s not going to be on next week, but I may need to rewatch all of the past episodes to pick up the million things I have likely missed.

~Can someone tell me how to wear a blanket sweater without it looking like you are wearing a blanket?? LOL! I bought this one from Target yesterday and I look so silly in it (I’ll SnapChat it today if I remember).  Do you have to be tall to pull this off?  Help!
~I still have an assortment of boxes coming this week including Craftly, Stitch Fix, Beauty Box 5, Something Snacks, BOXYCHARM, Kiwi Crate / Tinker Crate / Doodle Crate, BuddhiBox and one or two more.  I mentioned last week that my October Five Four Club hadn’t arrived yet, but I got that all taken care of with their customer service.  Somehow it got stuck in picking and no one noticed it hadn’t shipped yet.  They offered to ship it right away with extra pieces in it or a full refund.  Plus they offered 50% off my November shipment.  I opted for the refund and hopefully we’ll see the November package soon.  I still need to get in contact with bluum about my mess of an October box, but I will be sure to update when that gets resolved.

~That’s it from here! What boxes are you expecting this week? Any weekend plans?

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So What Wednesday


This week I am saying so what if…

~I still haven’t decided which advent calendar I want for myself. There are just too many!
~I am super excited for the new season of Fixer Upper.
~I am really annoyed that Episode 6 of Designated Survivor isn’t on On Demand yet. How can I watch tonight’s episode without watching last week’s?
~I already have my two Christmas trees up. They aren’t decorated, but they are up.
~I think I am having Fruit Punch Spark withdrawals. I am trying to use up my other flavors which are good, but Fruit Punch has my heart.
~I am jealous of places that have already gotten snow this weekend.
~I am also excited that it’s going to be nearly 70 degrees here on Friday.
~I want to go to New Kids on the Block / Boyz 2 Men / Paula Abdul when they come to town next summer.

What are you saying so what to this week?

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Two on Tuesday

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.24.19 PM

1. Have you started your Christmas / Holiday shopping yet? I have not ;(. Every year I swear I am going to get organized and start early and then every year I am running around in December with everyone else figuring things out. I do have a fairly good idea of what I need to get though which is half the battle!

2. What (if anything) are you asking for this year? I don’t generally have a list, but I am on the hunt for some new brown boots. I sent B a link to the perfect pair yesterday and he asked if I wanted to become a cowgirl.   I guess he wasn’t a fan? But anyway, brown tall boots are on my wishlist this year.

I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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Monday Morning Ramblings

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~Good morning! Uhh, can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? WHAT? This year is flying by! The boys have already made their Christmas lists and to think, I wasn’t sure if they’d even have anything they wanted this year. HA! They got their hands on the Target and Toys R Us toys catalogs and it was on.

~I have always found cake / cookie decorating videos on Instagram to be very calming, but these kinetic sand videos are going to give them a run for their money!

~I have been noticing lately that if I don’t start off my day with a big cup of water I end up with such a bad headache by mid-afternoon.  Does this happen to anyone else?  It took me a few days to make the connection, but that has to be it.  I am going to make sure to get my water in every day this week.

That’s it from here. Have a great week!

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