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Two on Tuesday

1. Do you have any Fat Tuesday / Pączki Day plans / traditions? I know in most parts of the country it’s Fat Tuesday, but here in Metro Detroit, it’s Pączki (poonch-kee) Day! Pączkis are like donuts, but better and … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Ramblings

~Good morning! We had a slow weekend around here. It’s back to school for the boys and back to work for B (he had National Guard last week), so we mainly stuck around the house. B did go to Autorama … Continue reading

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Sunday Sentiments

~Good evening! Anyone else planning on watching The Academy Awards tonight? You know I am! I love seeing all the dresses. My girlfriends and I always talk about having a viewing party and getting all dressed up to watch, but … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday Smiles

Today I’m Smiling Because… ~It’s Saturday, and we are all feeling better. L is feeling WAY better, and so am I! Score! ~We snuck in a fro-yo dinner last night! I told everyone to get in the car and then … Continue reading

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Friday’s Letters

Dear L, I am so glad you are feeling better!!! Dear Kailyn (from Teen Mom), Wow, I did not expect to hear that you were expecting! Is it bad that I still want you and Jo to get back together? … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts

~Good morning! The kids are off for winter break this week and it’s a good thing they are because L isn’t feeling the best. Hopefully, he starts to feel like his normal self again soon. In the meantime it’s pokemon … Continue reading

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So What Wednesday…

This week I am saying so what if… ~I wrote this post once already and it totally disappeared. To where, I have no idea. But poof, it was gone. ~Buddy only cries to get on the bed when B is … Continue reading

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Two Question Tuesday!

1. What is the longest you’d wait for a table at a restaurant? We went out to eat Saturday and by the time we left the place was on a 2.5 hour wait (we didn”t wait nearly that long). This … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Ramblings

~Good morning! The kids have the week off school for Winter Break and B’s off for President’s Day. It’s been gorgeous here the past few days (we’re talking windows open in February) and I think that’s going to continue into … Continue reading

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